Come to a transformative year

That will stay with you your whole life.

The midrasha opened its doors in 5783, the midrasha is established in Jerusalem and intended for girls who have graduated 12th grade and are interested in unlocking their inner identity in preparation for military or national service.

Come to Adraba and give yourself an unforgettable year dedicated to religious development, personal growth, and self discovery.

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About the Midrasha

During the school year at Adraba, we will deal with personal, spiritual, and religious development. Throughout the year we will help you acquire the tools to deal with personal challenges as well as working through important questions concerning our Jewish and Zionist identity.

You will be filled up with inner strength as you prepare for national and military service.

This process of self discovery is especially important before such an intense period of time that will be focused on various tasks and important decisions including serving the state and society, academic studies, choosing a career and starting a family.

At Adraba we help you prepare for service within a halachic and spiritual framework. You will deal with practical dilemmas and expected struggles that come up during military and national service.

At Adraba we explore the soul and delve into the inner world of character development through combining joy, love, and awe.

At Adraba we will focus on building a sweet and sensitive group that will become a place for growth and development.

At Adraba you will meet a warm and loving staff who will accompany you on this transformative journey –  hand in hand with a lot of sensitivity and openness.

At Adraba, you will find a spiritual home and a long-term relationship that will stay with you throughout your national or military service and beyond.

This is so you can take what you begin in Midrasha and continue to draw from it throughout your life – especially at important moments and transitions.


Efrat Gadish
Rosh HaMidrasha

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Efrat Gadish holds a bachelor's degree in business administration, is an experienced kallah instructor and a sexual health facilitator through the Beer Emuna Institute.

She has coordinated seminars and leadership programs for youth, a regional coordinator for girls during their National Service at Bat Ami, a Beit Midrash facilitator, a community work coordinator, a group coordinator, principal instructor at Beit Israel preparatory school, and a student coordinator in the Bnei Akiva alumni movement.

Efrat studied at the Arvut seminary in Netivot and at Beit Morasha.


Rabbi David Gadish
Rosh HaMidrasha

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Rabbi David Gadish (Capt. Res.) Holds a bachelor's degree in education from Herzog College and a master's degree in Jewish history from the Hebrew University.

He studied at the Kibbutz HaDati yeshiva in Ma'ale Gilboa and at the 'Ahavat Yisrael' hesder yeshiva in Netivot.

He worked as a coordinator of Nahal alumni at the Beit Israel Preparatory School, a teacher at Pelech Girls 'High School in Jerusalem, and an educator at ORT Pelech Boys' High School and the Bnei Akiva Yeshiva 'Orot Yehuda'.

Rabbi David and Efrat Gadish are married and the parents of 6 children.

Adv. Zivia Rabinowitz
Legal Adviser

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Born in Jerusalem to a privileged Hasidic family. Zvia is a graduate of Beit Yaakov Seminary in Mea Shearim and holds a bachelor's degree in law and is a certified lawyer.

Today, Zvia's main occupation is legal advice in education and labor law. She is a social activist, and participates in the College of Politics' leadership program.

Zvia is married to Zechariah, a mother of four and lives in the Beit Yisrael community in the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem.


Rabbi Dr. Yochanan Kirschenboim
Educational Advisor and Chairman of the Committee

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Rabbi Dr. Yochanan Kirshenbaum

He is a graduate of Har Etzion Yeshiva in Gush Etzion, received semicha from the Rabbenut as well as a PhD in education administration. He is married with 7 children and grandchildren

Rabbi Kirshenbaum was formerly a principal of a school in Israel and abroad, rabbi of a community in California in the USA, lecturer at teacher training colleges, and a vice president of an academic institution in Jerusalem.

For the past six years he has been director of the education department for a local council.

״לִשְׁמועַ, לִלְמוד וּלְלַמֵּד, לִשְׁמור וְלַעֲשׂות וּלְקַיֵּם
אֶת כָּל דִּבְרֵי תַלְמוּד תּורָתְךָ בְּאַהֲבָה״

Study Program

The learning at the midrasha will focus on deepening Jewish identity.
The main subjects that will be covered are personal development, clarifying issues of faith as well as the religious and Zionist worldview.

Throughout the year we will focus on the fundamental issues concerning our soul and the overall thought that guides us in our lives.
What is the structure of the relationship between man and God? Why keep the commandments and follow halacha? What is the place of women in Judaism? How to start a family? What is the purpose of the people of Israel?
Is there a religious value to the existence of the State of Israel? Is there still Zionism in our generation and what is it? What is the value and role of the people of Israel?
In the seminary we will encounter in a very deep way the teachings of the sages of Israel throughout all generations:
The sages of the Talmud, Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi, the Rambam, Maharal, Ramchal, Baal HaTanya, Rabbi Kook, Rabbi Soloveitchik and more.
We will learn in a variety of ways, such as guided self study, study partners, art, creative and theoretical writing.
The classes will deal with a variety of topics: The building of faith, the world of sages, in-depth and extensive study of Halacha, Tanach, Tikkun HaMidot, Hasidut, femininity, history, philosophy, education and more.


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An opportunity to meet amazing Israeli girls and integrate into Israeli society Strengthen your relationship to Israel and to Judaism through meaningful learning, volunteering and tiyulim, Unbelievable warm environment that will foster your growth. 

 Option to draft to IDF or to do Sherut leumi after midrasha with unparalleled support and guidance.  Join a midrasha that is committed to strengthening your crutial part and connection to Am yisrael, eretz yisrael and Torah yisrael.

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